Durahold Rug Pads


The ONLY Rug Pad with this TEXTURE-Find out why it matters!

Your rug wants to shift on the pad and Durahold's Patented Texture prevents this! Durahold is non slip on the TOP and BOTTOM, unlike others that only hold to the bottom and that matters in the wear and look of your rug.

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What's with the Hexagons? Your floor will thank us!

The Patented Hexagonal design within the natural rubber allows for airflow to help your floor breath and keep it like new. It also creates incredible grip to keep all rugs in place, making for a safer floor.

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I can't afford to use any other rug pad under my clients' rugs, as they are completely protected with Durahold Plus.

– Gerry, Persian rug dealer

Durahold rug pad for designers
I only offer my clients the finest handmade rugs, so I need to use the finest protection as well - That's why I choose Durahold!

– Paola, PSK Interior Designs

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Rug Pads

Every area rug needs a rug pad. The rug pad will prevent wear to your rug and floor, protect against damage, add comfort and prevents slipping to add safety to your home. Durahold Plus rug pad is the only rug pad you need to serve all of the functions expected of a rug pad. While some rug pads are used for cushion, others are used for non slip function and others are used for noise reduction. Again, Durahold rug pad fulfills all of these characteristics and is known as the only rug pad you will ever need.

Durahold Plus rug pad is a non slip rug pad, is a thick rug pad for comfort and is a noise reduction rug pad. It fulfills many purposes and is often the only rug pad customers choose for all of their area rugs. Since Durahold is made in the USA and contains only natural solid rubber, it is completely safe for hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete, heated, vinyl and all types of floors and finishes.