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5 Ways to Benefit from Felt Rug Pads

5 Ways to Benefit from Felt Rug Pads

Felt rug pads have become the popular form of protection under area rugs on many types of floors. There are good reasons for this and I can think of many benefits of felt rug pads. While other rug pads offer few benefits, there are 5 ways to benefit from felt rug pads, such as protection, comfort, safety, noise reduction and insulation. Durahold Plus is an important felt rug pad that includes natural rubber for safety concerns.

Felt Rug Pad Protection

5 ways to benefit from felt rug padsWhen we first think of a rug pad, we think of the protection to the area rug, as that is the initial reason for rug pads. Since we use our rugs by walking on them and placing furniture on them, felt rug pads are dense enough to withstand the stress that can occur to our rugs from such use. Durahold rug pad is a dense 45 ounces to protect the rug fibers from matting, as well as prevent unnecessary wear to the back of the rug.

In terms of our floors, felt rug pad offers protection against common damage. Hardwood and other wood floors can experience significant wear and stress from area rugs and various elements, so the felt rug pad acts as a protective barrier. Getting your rugs and floors fully protected are some of 5 ways to benefit from felt rug pads.

Add Extra Comfort with Felt Rug Pads

Since they are solid material, some benefits of felt rug pads include the added layer of comfort that they offer. Depending on the quality, felt rug pads can add between 1/4" to a full 1/2" thick comfort under any area rug. This can be appreciated on floors that are used for various activities, such as for children playing and sitting. When extra comfort is desired, a thicker felt rug pad can be used to camouflage the hardness of the floor. In terms of the level of thickness among felt rug padding, the more ounces within the pad, the thicker it is, so a 40 ounce felt rug pad is thickest.

Felt Rug Pads Add Safety

5 ways to benefit from felt rug padsThere are those smaller or lighter area rugs that always seem to slide on the floor and this can be hazardous. Felt rug pads with a lower layer of rubber can add safety to the floor by preventing rugs from slipping. Durahold rug pad is one of these non slip rug pads. It contains the felt upper surface with a natural rubber lower surface. The rubber safely grips the rug to the floor to prevent common sliding and danger. Even under some larger rugs, a non slip pad may be necessary for certain areas of the rug that might slip. In this case, a felt and rubber rug pad is very useful to assure all parts of the rug remain in place on the floor. It is important to state that one of the 5 ways to benefit from felt rug pads is to have your rugs stay in place on the floor.

Felt Rug Pads for Noise Reduction

Many residents experience noise from floors above, especially in multi-level residences. The use of an area rug helps to reduce some of the noise, however, placing a felt rug pad with the rug proves to be even better. The felt padding absorbs the impact that produces the noise, such as foot impact, and this acts as an effective noise reduction rug pad. One of the important benefits of felt rug pads is to reduce and prevent floor noise.

The more dense the felt rug pad, the better it is at preventing noise. More dense rug pads can absorb impact and penetration at a higher rate and will be better for noise reduction than less dense pads. Since felt rug pads range in density from 20 ounces up to 40 ounces, using a 40 ounce will prove to be most effective for noise reduction. We can see that quieter floors is one of the 5 ways to benefit from felt rug pads.

Insulate Floors with Felt Rug Pads

You may have hardwood floors, concrete floors or another type of hard floor surface that can set off a cold feeling. When you use an area rug on your cold floor, the rug can add a level of insulation and the use of a felt rug pad adds even more. Depending on the felt pad thickness, it can help to insulate floors from cold temperatures.

I hear a lot of customers complain about their cold concrete floor and our felt rug pad is an ideal compliment to any area rug on a cold floor. Durahold Plus uses its dense fibers to act as barrier to absorb the cold feel and prevent this from spearing into the room. With Durahold felt rug pad on a colder floor, the floor can remain safe from slipping, can remain protected from possible damage and can feel less cold from the insulation factor associated with the rug pad. This is one more of the 5 ways to benefit from felt rug pads.

If you have or are considering using an area rug on your floor, try to factor in the use of a felt rug pad. This will prove to offer at least five important benefits only available from a quality felt rug pad. Durahold Plus rug pad is a higher level felt rug pad that is known to achieve everything a felt rug pad can with the industry reputation it has to perform for several years. Shop for Durahold Rug Pad.



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