The Hexagons in Durahold Rug Pad and Hardwood Floors

The Hexagons in Durahold Rug Pad and Hardwood Floors

One of the most common questions we hear from customers related to Durahold Plus rug pad is related to the rubber surface and the actual design within it. Unlike any other rug pad today, Durahold contains a unique hexagonal pattern within its natural rubber that is actually protected from imitation by a United States Patent - There can never be another rug pad like it. The hexagons are not just to offer a unique look to Durahold, they play a very important role for your hardwood floors.

Durahold Rug Pad Allows Hardwood Floors to Breath
Most felt and rubber rug pads contain a smoother layer of rubber that sits on the hardwood floor. Durahold, however, contains a distinctly textured rubber against the hardwood floor and this texture is raised to create an air-flow for your floor. When the padding is smooth, it can trap anything between itself and your floor. Since the hexagons within Durahold's rubber create a texture, air can flow under the padding to allow your hardwood floor to breath. When the hardwood can breath, we prevent various issues from happening, such as the floor drying out, as an example.

Durahold Rug Pad Prevents Moisture on Hardwood Floors
While the air-flow under Durahold allows your hardwood floor to breath, it also prevents any moisture buildup from occurring to your floor. I have seen many cases in which a rug pad is removed only to find spots on the hardwood floor, spots that are the cause of moisture issues. This happens under smoother rug pads in more humid climates, or when the rug becomes wet from an accident. Moisture on your hardwood floor only leads to more severe issues and can be a costly repair.

Unlike any other rug pad made, Durahold plus holds a United States Patent for it's construction and design. This patent means Durahold cannot be imitated, making it one of the most exclusive rug pads today as it keeps protecting your rugs and floors from the elements. While the hexagons do look pretty neat within the rubber surface, their actual role is multi-fold and this assures the protection of your hardwood floors, among other benefits.

Shop for Durahold in any shape and size and start protecting your rugs and floors.

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