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How to Use Felt Rug Pads

How to Use Felt Rug Pads

Felt rug pads are one of the most popular types of rug pads today and they are available in a few versions. There are pure felt rug pads and felt and rubber rug pads. Each type of rug pad offers its benefits to your area rugs and floors. Often times, we are asked about how to use a felt rug pad regarding where to use each type of padding.

Felt Rug Pad Uses

Whether you are looking to add extra comfort or prevent slipping, you can use a felt rug pad under your area rug. One of the biggest benefits of felt rug padding under any area rug is the protection that it offers - It protects your rugs and floors from common damage. That said, the more dense the padding, the better the level of protection.

Felt Rug Pad for Safety

Many rugs, especially smaller and lighter ones, can slip on the floor. For such cases, a felt and rubber rug pad is ideal, as it will prevent slipping, among other things. There are various versions of this padding and our Durahold Plus is one such product. With a dense felt surface and natural rubber lower surface, Durahold Plus offers maximum grip to any floor. A series of hexagons cover the rubber to offer exceptional gripping strength to keep any rug from sliding. While you may choose another type of felt and rubber rug pad, there are no others that contain the textured rubber that Durahold contains. For this reason, very few rug pads prevent slipping as well as Durahold Plus.

Get Extra Cushion

how to use felt rug padOne of the thoughts of using a felt rug pad is that of extra comfort. You can choose the proper thickness of pad depending on the level of comfort you desire. Felt rug pads are available from 1/8" thick to almost 1/2" thickness and the thicker the padding, the more comfortable it can be. It is important to note that the extra comfort is a result of the thickness of that padding, as well as the density. When a felt rug pad contains some air within the material, it is not as dense as others and will mat down after some use. Durahold Plus is the most dense felt and rubber rug pad and if it is a pure felt pad that you desire, then Superior rug pad is excellent. It is a 40 ounce density that will not compress over time, so your rug pad will retain its thickness and comfort for many years.

If you have area rugs and need rug pads under them, determine if the rugs slip. If they have a slipping issue, then Durahold Plus felt and rubber rug pad will prevent slipping as well as protect and add comfort. It is made in the USA and we offer it in standard and custom sizes and shapes for all area rugs. Since it contains only natural and recycled materials, Durahold Plus is safe for hardwood and all types of floors and finishes.


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