Durahold Rug Pads

Non Slip Rug Pad that Protects Hardwood Floors

Non Slip Rug Pad that Protects Hardwood Floors

Many of our customers are often impressed to learn of the protection that Durahold Plus Rug Pad offers their hardwood floor. When first shopping for their non slip rug pad, customers imagine a thin padding to keep their rugs in place. With Durahold, they not only keep their rugs from sliding, they also receive the most effective protection for their hardwood floors.

Durahold non slip rug pad for hardwood floorsHardwood floors can be sensitive to damage from a rug pad, as well as from common daily use of foot traffic, furniture and more. It is important for the rug pad under your area rugs to be as dense as possible to resist any possible damage from occurring. Durahold Plus rug pad boasts a dense 50 ounce of felt padding to literally resist all penetration, keeping your hardwood floor as safe as possible. This resistance factor prevents heavy furniture and foot traffic from pushing through to cause damage to the hardwood floor.

The rubber side of Durahold Plus is a solid layer of 100% natural rubber that is not treated in any way with sticky additives, making it completely safe for all hardwood floors. Another reason Durahold protects your hardwood floors is due to the fact that our rubber does not stick to, transfer, discolor or affect your floor in any way like other rubber-like pads can - Most often, inferior quality rug pads contain an adhesive to give them a sticky texture for non slip function, however, this also transfers to the hardwood floor. 

Unlike any other rubber rug pad, Durahold Plus contains a hexagonal pattern with the rubber that actually protects hardwood floors against moisture. The raised pattern creates an airflow underneath your area rug on top of your floor, allowing the hardwood floor to breath and this prevents any moisture damage to the floor. Most other rug pads consist of a smoother surface that traps air between the pad and floor, preventing the floor from breathing.

Durahold Plus is one of the only non slip rug pads that actually protects your hardwood floors while it works to prevent your rugs from slipping. With a full 1/3" thick padding, your floors and rugs are fully protected. Please visit our store and shop for your next non slip rug pad for hardwood floors.

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