Reasons That Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors

Reasons That Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors

For the last several years, I think the most common concern among our customers is whether or not the rug pad will damage their hardwood floor. This concern is well justified since there are plenty of rug pads available that have been and are known to cause damage to the floor. This is such an important topic among customers that I thought it of value to write this article of reference.

The damage that is being referenced by customers is that of the rug pad leaving an impression on the hardwood floor. This can be a color transfer to the floor, it can be a material transfer to the floor or it can be a combination of the two - In any case, the damage to your hardwood floor can be quite severe and I have seen actual cases in which the floor had to be replaced. This is not what any homeowner desires, so please take note of the following simple and valuable tips when choosing your next rug pad.

Avoid Adhesive Coating on Surface of Rug Pad
One of the culprits involved in the damage to hardwood floors is a clear adhesive that transfers from the rug pad to the floor. Unfortunately to save on production costs, many manufacturers apply a clear-coat adhesive to each side of a felt rug pad to act as a holding agent. While this may keep the fibers intact, it is known to eventually transfer to the floor to create a sticky mess. Our Durahold Plus rug pad does not contain any such adhesive, as we use only solid rubber on one side in its natural state and recycled felt on the top side that is kept intact by an heat pressing method to avoid adhesive content. Besides the obvious damage to hardwood floors, adhesives also pose health issues, as they can smell and off-gas under certain conditions.

Determine How the Rubber is Attached to the Felt
Let's consider a felt and rubber rug pad such as our Durahold Plus. There are many look-a-like pads available and there is a huge difference among them. The lower rubber surface needs to be attached to the upper felt surface and in Durahold, we attach the two with intense heat - Imagine, if you will, a large and very hot iron pressing the two layers together until they meld into one. Such is not the case with other similar rug pads. Instead of heat being used to attach the layers, a layer of adhesive, or glue, is applied between the layers and they are then put together counting on the glue to hold it all. Here again is the element that you don't see, the glue, that works against your hardwood floor and can cause the padding to break down into a fine dust against your floor. I have even seen many cases in which a gum-like texture is stuck to the hardwood floor from the padding, once again a negative side effect of the content of adhesive or glue.

Make Sure the Rug Pad is Dense Enough
In many environments, there can be a lot of pressure applied to an area rug by placing heavy furniture on the rug or by people walking across it. When your rug pad is dense enough to withstand such pressure, then nothing will penetrate through to dent the hardwood floor. Durahold rug pad is a full 50 ounce density, which means you can try to push and push through it, yet no amount of pressure will penetrate through the padding to affect the floor. Many less dense rug pads will allow penetration because they contain air that leads the pad to mat down and become much thinner and less dense than when brand new.

Fortunately, we care enough about your area rugs, hardwood floors and any floor for that matter to use thew highest quality standards within the production of Durahold Plus rug pad. Unlike many others, Durahold will never transfer glues or adhesives to your floor or to the air you breath because it does not contain such harmful agents. Unfortunately, to keep production costs at a minimum, many other manufacturers will use a hidden agent such as a clear adhesive to mask the rug pad and this often times leads to damage to any hardwood floor. Based on these above facts, Durahold Plus rug pad is truly considered one of the most effective rug pads for hardwood floors.

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