Durahold Facts

Durahold Plus is the ONLY rug pad that prevents slipping on the top and bottom, keeping your rug in place on the pad and on the floor.

Durahold Plus rug padTOP SURFACE
You will notice thermal-set ridges in the felt surface running in multiple directions - These are meant to prevent lateral movement of your rug in any direction. The ridges grab to your rug and prevent it from slipping on the actual pad. Most others have a smooth surface that allows the rug to slip and shift.

Durahold Plus non slip rug padA unique "Hexagonal" design is set within the natural rubber to offer maximum grip on any floor, making for the most effective non slip function to keep your rug in place at all times. The raised pattern within the rubber also creates an airflow between the pad and floor to allow your floor to breath, as well as to prevent moisture build-up under the pad.

The result of a United States Patent & Trademark on "Durahold Plus" means no other pad can possess the same features and only Durahold offers these exclusive benefits - Preventing premature wear and damage to your area rugs and floors.