Durahold Plus Non Slip Rug Pad - Rectangles


Durahold Plus - Made in the USA & Safe for all Floors

The Original Non Slip Rug Pad is rated as most effective for all rugs & floors. Durahold is  1/3" thick felt & natural rubber padding that prevents slipping, prolongs the life of your rug and prevents damage to your floor. With a U.S. Patent on its design, Durahold has a texture that truly keeps all rugs to the pad and all of this to your floor.


  • NON SLIP: Textured natural rubber safely grabs & holds to any floor
  • PROTECTION: Dense felt resists penetration to protect your rugs and floor
  • COMFORT: Enjoy a full 1/3" padding for extra cushion
  • SAFE: Natural rubber does not cause damage to any floor
  • AMERICAN: Made in USA with genuine American materials
  • GREEN RATED: Durahold is CRI GREEN & contributes to LEED

Q: is Durahold safe for the floor?
A: Yes! Durahold does not harm any hardwood, laminate, heated, tile, vinyl, linoleum, concrete and any type of hard floor.

Q: What size do I need?
A: Choose the next largest size closest to your rug and then enter your rug size so that we can cut the rug pad slightly smaller.

Q: Will Durahold allow my floor to breathe?
A: Yes! Durahold is porous and as such allows the floor to breathe. The unique texture within the rubber allows for airflow under the pad to prevent moisture to your floor.

Q: Is Durahold guaranteed?
A: Yes! We guarantee it to perform without damage to your floor for at least 15 years.

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