No-Muv Non Slip Rug Pad on Carpet


No-Muv Rug Pad - Keeps Rugs Flat on Carpet!

If you have a rug on top of carpet, No-Muv is the pad that will keep your rug in place and prevent your rug wrinkling and buckling! It contains a unique texture on the lower side to grip and hold to the carpeting and a dense felt surface to keep your rug as flat as possible. Even under heavy furniture and footsteps, No-Muv keeps your rug flat and wrinkle-free.


  • NO WRINKLING: No-Muv works to prevent rug wrinkling and buckling, even under foot traffic and heavy furniture
  • NO SLIPPING: No-Muv keeps your rug on carpet in place to prevent common slipping and shifting
  • ALL NATURAL: No-Muv contains 100% natural felt without chemicals
  • SAFE: No-Muv does not transfer to the carpet below and is safe for all rugs
  • MADE IN USE: No-Muv is made in USA of American materials

Customer testimonial:
"Our family room rug kept bunching up every time we walked into the room and nothing kept it flat! Then we found NO-MUV and it's literally like nailing the rug to the floor!! No-MuV saves us so much frustration and the rug now stays flat and doesn't slip either....a MUST-HAVE if you have a rug on top of carpet!"
-Lynn, San Diego, CA

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